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This is the bit that’s all about us helping you. As you browse your way down this page, it will quickly become clear to you that we like to talk about real-life challenges (and how we help to solve them), more so than promoting standard services we try and force upon everyone we meet. That’s because there’s no other business quite like yours – and that deserves a tailored solution.


A hunch is a terrible compass


Interviews, quantitative and qualitative
Competitor analysis and positioning
Data analysis
Trend forecasting

How do you navigate your business and your brand? With gut feelings or solid insights?

To us, research and analysis is never just about data for the sake of data, but a really valuable tool to make invaluable strategic decisions for your business. In close collaboration with you, we do the dirty work of getting under the skin of your business, your industry and your target groups to find out what trigger and motivate them. And then we put that insight to work for you.

Restaurant Basalt

Post apocalyptic brand identity for gourmet restaurant

Hotel Marriott - Royal suite

Multi-purpose brand universe for 5-star suite


Honesty and humor  makes for happy guests