Service solutions

This is the bit that’s all about us helping you. As you browse your way down this page, it will quickly become clear to you that we like to talk about real-life challenges (and how we help to solve them), more so than promoting standard services we try and force upon everyone we meet. That’s because there’s no other business quite like yours – and that deserves a tailored solution.

Marketing automation

Low hanging fruits are still fruits


Lead generation
Cross channel engagement
Automated online campaigns
1:1 targeting

Are you making it as easy and pain-free for people to become paying guests? Easier than your competitors?

Effective digital marketing automation is all about being where your customers are, at the right place and the right time. We provide all-in-one solutions that help you find guests instead of waiting around for the guests to find you. These automated processes are extremely targeted and therefore much more effective than old school.

Restaurant Basalt

Post apocalyptic brand identity for gourmet restaurant

Hotel Marriott - Royal suite

Multi-purpose brand universe for 5-star suite


Honesty and humor  makes for happy guests