About us

Delivering personality and performance to the hospitality sector since 1980.



Gottlieb & co is an independent creative agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


We specialise in creative campaigns and solid marketing services for brands in the hospitality sector and the experience economy. Solutions that attract and convert (online and in the real world) based on industry insights, strategic creativity and digital knowhow. Or as we prefer to say: Irresistible invitations that make your guests stay longer and come back for more.


We work with hotels, restaurants, meeting and event spaces. With conference centres, destinations, attractions and everything in between.

If you love guests, you’ll like us!

Our agency dates back to 1980. Still, we learn something new and try to do something different every single day. Why? Because the relationship between hosts and guests is always evolving. It’s exciting and the opportunities for those who dare and care have never been better.

We spark and maintain meaningful relations. We ditch the customer and embrace the guest. We create the unexpected. We bring hosts alive and add personality in all the places where they can’t meet their guests in person. We work with people and not for companies.