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Transforming CSR into brand value.

Doing good is good business. BC Hospitality Group is genuinely dedicated to sustainability, and we are happily helping Denmark’s leading hospitality company communicate their efforts and turn sustainable practices into sustainable business.


More often than not, CSR promises are little more than vague and non-transparent commitments to a big and fluffy cause. Everyone has one, but no-one really knows what they mean. On top of that, for players in the hospitality sector, being green even runs the risk of appearing less attractive, as some guests believe that sustainability comes at cost of quality, price or convenience. This needed to change. In fact, BC Hospitality group wanted to become a beacon for sustainable practices across the entire hospitality sector.


Sustainability is an integrated business practice inside BC Hospitality Group and all of its brands. Over the course of a few years, the company had built an impressive level of experience in how to develop their products and services based on ‘Responsible Hospitality’. Not every single project turned out a success, but their doings and learnings deserved to be shared with stakeholders and industry colleagues.


We co-developed a multi-level platform for BC Hospitality Group to communicate Responsible Hospitality, and claim the position as industry leader of sustainable business practices. A website introduces stakeholders to all the different CSR initiatives inside the company like urban beehives, solar panel windows, food waste management, job school for refugees and so much more. We designed event collateral for the industry event, Responsible Hospitality Day and even got the pleasure of designing the packaging for the world’s first biodegradable to-go box for leftover food.


What started as an internal commitment to sustainability has now evolved into a full-fledged branding asset for BC Hospitality Group. It can be activated across marketing activities domestically and internationally, digitally and live at events. Additionally, with Responsible Hospitality, the company has finally found a platform from where to exercise its thought leadership on an issue it sincerely cares about.

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