Søllerød Kro

A full-spectrum experience imbued with storytelling

When an acclaimed and historic brand such as Søllerød Kro – one of Denmark’s most renowned restaurants – wants to bolster its visual profile, the solution calls for a holistic approach and perspective. As a matter of course, the guest experience at Søllerød Kro must harmonize with all of the restaurant’s contact points.


Søllerød Kro wanted to optimize the correlation between its gastronomic perfection and marketing execution.


“Dining at Søllerød Kro is a full-spectrum experience. Old memories are rekindled and new ones are created in a classic and heartwarming setting. As a brand, Søllerød Kro has always delivered this experience – an inviting haven that offers delight for all the senses.” With our many years of experience in the hospitality sector, we know the importance of a thoroughly crafted guest experience, with attention to every detail – including the website, which must be an integral part of this experience.


Søllerød Kro is a respected and recognized brand built on many years of tradition and gastronomic perfection. With this in mind, we at Gottlieb & Co redesigned Søllerød Kro’s website to enhance the visual experience – with a focus on the guest. We also produced a branding film that envelops the guest in the unique sensory universe of Søllerød Kro. In this setting, the video profiles the personalities behind Søllerød Kro and conveys the story of the finest exclusive ingredients – from farm to table – and the upper echelons of gastronomy and wine in an environment dedicated to perfection.


The website is designed with the user in mind, ensuring simple navigation and easy entry points. Prime areas of focus in the design process included usability and aesthetically enhancing visual elements that awaken a sense of personal relationships and authenticity.


Visit the website:


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Søllerød Kro

A full-spectrum experience imbued with storytelling

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