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Meetly is the ambitious brainchild of BC Hospitality Group. A digital knowledge hub for industry professionals dedicated to physical meetings and live experiences. With a promise to put content over brand, we helped BC Hospitality Group build their new favourite offspring.


Lack of innovation has been the downfall of many great industries and famous companies. But how do you innovate a meeting, the oldest of human traditions? In fact, there are lots of trends and products designed to add an extra layer or new digital benefits to meetings, conferences and conventions. The challenge is getting the message across in an industry that isn’t exactly known for its innovation.


Due to its size and impressive track record, BC Hospitality Group is in a unique position to take on the role as a thought leader in the hospitality sector. But we also knew that for the exact same reasons, even unbiased messages could quickly be overshadowed by their own powerful brand. We needed to create an independent platform that was welcoming to everyone in the business.


Following a thorough development process with BC Hospitality Group and other stakeholders, we came up with the name ‘Meetly’, created the brand identity and a digital platform to match. The webdesign is vibrant and visual, and makes it easy for content creators to upload attractive and compelling articles.


Whereas the hospitality sector is filled with prominent individuals often voicing their opinions and predictions in the media, Meetly is probably the first company-backed forum in Denmark with the genuine objective to serve the entire industry. This type of thought leadership is incredibly exciting and something we believe will soon be adopted by many other players.




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