Sky-high ambitions

An impressive view deserves striking décor and well-chosen furnishing. As home to the most breathtaking views in the city, AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen was determined to transform its renowned Sky Bar into a new high-end restaurant, bar and gastronomic hotspot, merging the best of Scandinavia and Japan. SUKAIBA Copenhagen captures the essence of Japanese food culture in an international atmosphere, delivering a thoroughly sophisticated and delectable dining experience.


Transforming Sky Bar into SUKAIBA Copenhagen – fulfilling AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen’s dream of a successful Japanese-inspired restaurant and bar – required a full-scale strategy to establish a brand reflecting the excellence of SUKAIBA’s dining experience and holding the power to attract return guests.


Generally speaking, restaurant guests very rarely just drop by – especially if you’re on the top floor of a skyscraper rather than in the midst of a busy urban corridor. To cultivate powers of attraction and lure guests through the doors for a full-fledged gastronomic experience, we designed a branding strategy embodying the essence of SUKAIBA Copenhagen.


The multifaceted, guest-oriented solution included a graphic identity imbued with the DNA of SUKAIBA Copenhagen and a sharply designed website showcasing the extraordinary dining experience awaiting guests, as well as a collection of eye-catching photos and promotional materials.


- Ambitious branding campaign of the Danish hotel & restaurant industry

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Sky-high ambitions


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Sky-high ambitions