Hosting your future

Securing the most valuable asset

Finding the ideal candidate for vacancies is a major challenge. The hospitality sector is no exception to this rule – particularly in a wide-ranging organization on the scale of BC Hospitality Group, whose many sub-brands and subsidiaries require a strong inflow of qualified candidates. To help keep their pipeline full of talent, we developed the concept Hosting Your Future.


BC Hospitality Group lacked the ability to provide job applicants with a comprehensive overview of vacancies at the company. This absence of a user-friendly platform made it all too difficult for qualified candidates to apply for multiple vacancies at BC Hospitality Group, ultimately resulting in the loss of valuable contributors to competitors and other industries.


Most employers and job applicants know that finding the perfect match between a vacancy and an applicant’s qualifications is easier said than done. And that’s why a user-friendly application platform represented a competitive advantage and key to ensuring the continued success of BC Hospitality Group.


We developed a communication strategy, visual design and online platform containing a comprehensive overview of vacancies at BC Hospitality Group and its subsidiaries, making it easier for candidates to simultaneously apply for multiple jobs throughout the organization.


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