Streamlining guest experiences
from Norway to South Africa

ISS is the world’s leading provider of facility management services. Every single day, they are directly in touch with millions of people in their workplace. We, of course, took on the challenge when we were asked to help streamline the ISS guest experience.


We’ve all seen them: The little handwritten notes with a sad smiley telling you the coffee machine at your workplace is out of order. Some can be fun or quirky. Others have typos or an unprofessional design that just send all the wrong messages. With more than 200,000 customers in 78 countries, ISS needed a globally accessible tool to streamline this type of 1-to-1 communication between local staff and the guests relying on their services.


Serving people in every corner of the world, Gottlieb & Co. had to create a concept that allowed for cross-cultural communication while still being streamlined to provide a unified ISS communication.


The answer was a library of digital templates with pre-defined messages in a friendly and universally welcoming design. Is the dishwasher broken? Print this template. Need people to put their lunch trays in the rack? Use this one. Depending on user privileges, the system naturally also allows for customization and localization.


Every touchpoint counts! And with the digital library, ISS now has a tool that makes the daunting task of unifying guest messaging a whole lot simpler. Even for employees with little or no experience in the field of communication, we made it easy to make it right.




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