Restaurant Bark

Honesty and humor 
makes for happy guests

A restaurant for locals, for hotel guests, for business professionals. BARK is gourmet diner with a wide clientele in a peculiar location. Creating a brand that caters to all was a challenging but rewarding task. 


Located in the atrium of Copenhagen Towers, a newly opened office building, BARK has a very unique address. The gastropub is open for both lunch and dinner, serving locally sourced dishes and craft beer. We were asked to develop a tasty turnkey concept for the new venture including name, visual identity, website and all printed materials used in side the eatery.


“Gottlieb & Co har formået at omsætte vores visioner til en stærk visuel identitet,
som vi er meget stolte af. Jeg vil gerne fremhæve bureauets evne til at løse de
mange opgaver indenfor den aftalte tid - uden at gå på kompromis med
kreativitet og kvalitet.”



Marketing director, BCHG


Attracting outside guests to your hotel restaurant can be challenging. Especially if your property is located away from the city centre where spontaneous walk-ins are less likely to occur. This is the case for AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, which meant we needed a strong concept that would convince people to go the extra mile (literally) to get to the restaurant. On the up side, if we succeeded, our client would benefit from a more diversified clientele, making the outlet less volatile to hotel occupancy rates.


Catering to a truly international audience, we knew the name had to resonate in both Danish and English – and BARK does exactly this while hinting to both nature and a come-as-you-are atmosphere. The visual identity including the image concept plays on honesty, nature and craftsmanship but we also insisted on bringing a bit of lighthearted humor to the table. Because everyone likes a little laugh, don’t they?

Søllerød Kro

A full-spectrum experience imbued with storytelling

Copenhagen Cocktail Academy

- the Global Go-To Cocktail Bureau


- Ambitious branding campaign of the Danish hotel & restaurant industry