Marriott Hotel - Royal Suite

Multi-purpose brand universe 
for 5-star Marriott Suite

Luxury suites should generate revenue from much more than accommodation. So when Copenhagen Marriott decided to build the city’s most luxurious suite overlooking the charming waterfront, they wanted our help to reach their new future guests – and maximize ROI. 


In Denmark, the idea of booking a hotel suite for anything but a lavish private getaway is quite uncommon. In fact, most expensive suites are built for the occasional rock star, international CEOs and visiting heads of states. But what do you do with your costly real estate on days the A-listers aren’t in town? Product development! You make your existing asset attractive to new types of guests.


From our long-standing collaboration with Copenhagen Marriott, we know that the brand has both loyal followers and sceptics in the local market place. The latter segment, often referring to the chain as stiff, conservative and lacking personality. Changing these misconceptions meant showing a different and more edgy side of Marriott.


Inspired by the interiors of the Royal Suite, that elegantly blend international luxury and Nordic design traditions, we created a highly visual brand universe for The project also included design and production of branded invitations for the launch event.


The integrated solution provides our client with a stand-alone platform that not only showcases the Royal Suite as luxurious accommodation but as a flexible event space for a multitude of guests. This is an ideal place for board meetings, exclusive private dining events, launch parties and intimate concerts. The list goes on…


- Ambitious branding campaign of the Danish hotel & restaurant industry

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Sky-high ambitions