Restaurant Basalt

Post apocalyptic brand identity
for gourmet restaurant.

Hotel restaurants are for hotel guests. Well, not anymore. AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen wanted to build a gourmet restaurant with the rare ability to also attract local foodies. We helped create an innovative dining concept with a strong storytelling.


AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen is blessed with a very ambitious and creative culinary team. So when the head chef and the marketing director came by the agency, we knew we were in for something fun. “Imaging a post apocalyptic world. Everything is destroyed and all we are left with to survive is fire and the food we can find around us.” This was more or less our concept brief, as we were tasked to come up with the perfect name and create the brand identity for this highly unusual dining experience.


Attracting outside guests to your hotel restaurant can be challenging. Especially if your property is located away from the city centre where spontaneous walk-ins are less likely to occur. This is the case for AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, which meant we needed a strong concept that would convince people to go the extra mile (literally) to get to the restaurant. On the up side, if we succeeded, our client would benefit from a more diversified clientele, making the outlet less volatile to hotel occupancy rates.


In close collaboration with the culinary artists, we developed a brand identity based on a strong core story that also lives on the restaurant’s website. The name BASALT comes from rock formations formed millions of years ago by volcanic lava. In Danish, the word also refers to something basic and essential. We designed everything from logo to website, menus and bespoke water bottle labels. Our contribution also includes image concepts and art direction.


Since opening, BASALT has proven highly successful among food critics and regular guests. Critics often reference the core story in articles, proving the strength of the BASALT brand concept.

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